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Hello!!!!! Dear Sri Lankans 

This is a free service

Sri Lanka Escort Services

 I am Don and from Sri Lanka. I made this site for Sri Lankans, who love Sri Lankan things. If you don't like the site please leave now and don't make any comments. If you enjoy please sign my guest book and leave your comments as an encouragement. There are about 20MB of Asian prone pictures right now. And it get increased day by day. I am spending more time in collecting stuff than making this site beautiful. But I think this way it is easy for you to download every thing to you computer and enjoy later. Use a software like Tele-port to down load the goods.

I can assure that there are more than 80%Sri Lankan picture in my collection. You may find lot of other Sri Lankan sites having the same pictures. But please consider this as everything under one roof. 

Girl and Guys, Husbands and wives, who are looking for a discrete sexual relationships please write to 

 I will reply to you with your matches.  What ever you write to me will be total confidential.

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